Confessions of an Image Consultant: Accepting My Body Image

Life changes and so does our body and style as we evolve. Notice I said evolve verses age! There are very few people in this world that stay the same shape and size from their 20’s to 60’s. So, let’s get real! You need to have clothes in your closet that fit TODAY and are age appropriate. Living in the past does not bode well for your mental well being and self body image. Last year I gained some very unwanted pounds. Hello 40! And let’s face it---I am not a workout maven. So imagine my horror of walking into a closet full of fabulous clothes and NOTHING fits!  My pants were too tight and too short all of the sudden (while I would love to say that the cleaners shrunk my clothes, we all know otherwise), my blazers wouldn’t button and my face certainly filled out (funny thing, people kept asking me if I had done fillers – ahhh, one silver lining). Let me hear an AMEN! Getting dressed was just painful. Plus, I refused to go buy a new wardrobe because I had a closet full of things I loved! I did buy a few oversized tops with [...]

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