Intentional Influence Podcast Season One Highlights

Season One of the Intentional Influence Podcast is a wrap! There have been some powerful interviews in Season One, with insights and personal experiences from some of the leading experts and thought leaders in the business and personal branding industries. If you missed any of the Season One episodes, you can find the highlights and links to complete episodes below. Thank you for tuning in! Here's what happened in Season One: Episode 1: How to Have a Powerful Personal Presence and Charisma on Camera Actress, host, and entrepreneur Sandra Dee Robinson talks with Melissa about how to embrace and project your personal presence to create a lasting impact. Sandra Dee shares her insider tips on managing camera angles, lighting, and sound to maximize your media appearance and really connect with your audience. Episode 2: How to Seduce Your Audience and Keep Them Listening As an on-air disc jockey for 20 years, voiceover artist and author Robin Marshall knows how to talk and get people to listen. In this episode, Robin and Melissa discuss how to cultivate an on-air personality that grabs attention but still sounds relatable and share the biggest mistakes people make on-air. Episode 3: How to Reignite and Reinvent [...]

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Cracking the Sales Code; Sales Secrets That Make Money Now with Che Brown

Season 1, Episode 11; Intentional Influence Podcast: Cracking the Sales Code; Sales Secrets That Make Money Now     In this Intentional Influence Podcast episode, Melissa Murray and Co-Host Jan Goss-Gibson, CEO of Jan Goss International & Civility Consulting whose specialty is First Impression Management talk with Che Brown about Cracking the Sales Code; Sales Secrets That Make Money Now. Che Brown is a sales expert with Peak Performers Institute, his clients refer to Che as the Sales Cardiologist and he is unlike any you've ever encountered. He holds a bachelor's in finance from Morgan State, an MBA from John’s Hopkins, and completed the Dale Carnegie course from the Dale Carnegie Centers of Excellence.  He is the bestselling author of Sales for Shy Folks and Sales Swagger. Che is also president of Partners in Learning, a global sales training company, which teaches sales professionals how to make sales with less effort. Che shares winning sales strategies on how to close deals and put cash in your pocket by mastering the basics of selling, using sales scripts, and advanced sales techniques to increase sales and long-term profitability. His belief that selling is a learned skill, one that each person can acquire. With over 14 years [...]

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