Style Emergency—will you be ready when opportunity knocks?

I have a client who is a leading authority in their industry – been on every major network and published in almost every accomplished media outlet. A huge opportunity came knocking and with very little notice. My client was contacted by a huge network and the producer wanted a meeting within 3 days. Ahhh, the big question came, “What should I wear?” While you might not be meeting with a producer to have your own show; your BIG or DEFINING meetings are happening everyday!  Now that you’ve done your happy dance and thought about the endless possibilities, reality sets in---true story, it happens! Then the spinning begins – what do I wear, do I have enough time to lose those few extra pounds, are they going to like me, I need to whiten my teeth…etc. You know what I’m talking about---the head trash begins! Silence the head trash and take action! The very simple trick to silencing the head trash is to do your homework! While I don’t want to sound like your mother, former teacher or boss, doing your research and being prepared can prove to be the defining factor for you getting your own show, sealing the deal [...]

Style Emergency—will you be ready when opportunity knocks? 2015-10-20T20:10:43+00:00