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I guide the process of enhancing your image from head to toe and ensure you are ready for every event and situation.

Why Clients Hire Melissa
PR Agencies, Publicists and Business Coaches

I am available to work in-person in Southern California, remotely, or I will travel to your location. I provide both retainer and event-based options.

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I will make sure you have the right looks for every situation. I have access to retailers, designers, and accessories not available to the general public. I do what department stores and boutiques can’t do for you. They don’t know your events, needs, brand, and goals because your image is not tied to their goals. I invest in your goals and have the expertise to help you get there.

Are you a DIY’er? How many times has a sales associate told you that you looked great at the store only to get home and think, “What the heck?” Being a DIY’er can be frustrating, time consuming and overwhelming. The sales associate’s job is to sell because their commission is directly tied to how much they sell you. I never take commission or kickbacks from any store because I will source merchandise based on your individual needs.

Clients come to me for designing your personal and professional brand, wardrobe and styling for important meetings, keynote speaking engagements, photo shoots, media and video shoots, book tours and product launches.

Through my business, I primarily serve those who are high achievers. You know who you are – the person who wants the promotion, who chases the perpetual carrot, who takes a stage or is on a show, who has a following and must live up to expectations or who has a boatload of responsibility. You are the one who is respected, and strives to be highly regarded, in industry and community.

Many of us who have “arrived” or are on the climb are still in the dark about how we can show up each day to set ourselves apart and get a leg up. Perception is reality, and you have very few seconds to not only make a first impression, but to attract a belief from your clients, colleagues or constituents that you know what the hell you are doing. That’s where the conversation starts…and continues.

When you look and feel your best, you deliver your best.

Many things in life and business are outside of our control.  Yet…what if you could control your competitive edge? More importantly for those of us who perpetually experience the busy-ness of our every day, what if you have someone who takes the reins to help you create and sustain that edge?

I’m here to give you an advantage on the path to navigating your personal and professional success.  No one likes to (or needs to) feel self-conscious or ill-suited (literally) for the situations they are facing.  So, my intention is to remedy that.


When I work with my high achieving clients, it does not matter your day to day role, body type, age or background.  My gift is to give you the advantage of feeling and looking stellar, and having this enhance your ability to influence others, develop rapport, reduce any insecurities, increase confidence, close a contract, host an event, make a strong media appearance and accomplish your goals without stressing about your wardrobe.

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“Melissa has helped me develop and execute my personal brand to make it a tangible advantage. As the CEO of a fast growing company, I have a high degree of visibility, and Melissa has provided strategic advice on how to create the right perception for speaking engagements, media appearances, corporate videos and photo shoots. My company is based in Dallas and we work together routinely by phone and in person, whenever the circumstance require it. I’ve worked with Melissa for years, over that time she has earned a spot as an invaluable member of my team, and I highly recommend her. Style and image are subjects a lot of guys shy away from, primarily because they really don’t understand the role they play in a person’s overall success…don’t make that mistake.”

Mark Otto, Founder & CEO of GrowthMine, Author & International Speaker

“Melissa is a woman of action, vision, creativity, authenticity, and dedication to superb results! She is a dynamic speaker who knows how to engage an audience with charm and wit. When working with clients she combines her knowledge and talents with her understanding of a client’s personality and intended audience – whether that is within a corporate setting, on stage for a speaking engagement, an important event, or day-to-day business. I should add… she’s a lot of fun too!”

Suzanne Duret , Founder of Showcasing Women & Serial Entrepreneur

“She is one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. Unlike other stylists or TV programs specializing in outward appearance/clothes, Melissa genuinely cares about each client finding their own style and stepping forward with head-to-toe confidence. From my personal experience, her own self-assurance, knowledge of style and sincere compassion made the decision to hire her one of the best I’ve made for my business, travel and leisure wardrobe.Each individual matters to her on a personal level and her discretion is absolute. I believe in hiring the best to do those things I cannot. Hearing Melissa as a keynote speaker has been so memorable and hiring her as my personal image coach has been a transformative experience…and one I can guarantee will contribute to your own self-confidence.”

Elizabeth Baker, President of E. Baker Industries, Ltd.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me create the perfect image I needed to start my new company. I was confident with my personal skills, however, I knew I needed to do something about the way I dress because I needed to make a visual statement to my future partners and clients, and boy did you deliver. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to my success, not just for business, but even in my personal life. People look at, and treat me differently. I really appreciate your fun and systematic approach to my transition. And the bonus work, helping me create the perfect image for my corporate headshot. Thank you again for all you have done for me!”


Doug Castino , CEO of Raceway Taxi and Speedway Taxi Foundation