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PR Agencies, Publicists and Business Coaches

Melissa is available to work in-person in Southern California, remotely, or will travel to your location. Retainer and event-based options.

PR Agencies and Publicists, we can help your clients! Whether your clients are famous or on the verge of becoming famous, we know how to build their personal brand image for every dynamic occasion. We are the leader in branding and packaging high-powered individuals.

We know you have more important strategic communications processes to help catapult your clients to noteworthy status – so we take the wardrobe and personal brand management pieces and compliment your expertise with their message.

We understand that your clients need more than just a basic overview of “what to wear”. We also understand that you don’t have time to shop for your clients. That is our expertise! We will provide a detailed master plan to match your vision and their product or service to meet the the intended audience.

  • We ensure your clients look confident, influential, magnetic and successful.
  • We do the heavy lifting up front, so your client is revered as a world-class leader.
  • No matter the dynamic situation, event or on-camera opportunity, we guarantee your client will look and feel powerful.
  • We follow your strategic direction, collaborate, then create up a powerful and prominent personal brand.
  • We are your respected partner to ensure your client’s success.
  • We produce remarkable results and have shaped the growth and notoriety of countless keynote speakers, featured media guests, authors, thought leaders and executives.

We do the following:

  1. Wardrobe client for media appearances, photo & video shoots, television appearances, book tours, keynote speaker presentations.
  2. Work with retailers and/or designers to secure wardrobe sponsorship. *When applicable.
  3. Capitalize on relationships with retailers and designers to secure proper wardrobe and develop new relationships as new opportunities arise.
  4. Pre-shop for clients prior to working/shopping together or shop for clients and wardrobe will be delivered.
  5. Create look-books for PR agency and client.
  6. Hire, monitor and/or orchestrate hair and makeup artists.
  7. Vet photographers, videographers, studios and negotiate rates when necessary.
  8. Collaborate with producers or television management to understand client’s segment set to ensure they are wardrobed properly.
  9. Provide immediate feedback to PR agency and client from on-air or camera work to improve performance.

We are available to work with you and your clients remotely or in person and are available to work on a retainer basis or event based projects.