Maintaining your Professional Brand During the Holiday Season

As holiday parties kick into high gear, remember dressing inappropriately can change the playing field with clients and colleagues long after the holiday parties are over! Top 10 Tips for maintaining your personal and professional brand during the holiday season: Deck the halls – just not on yourself. Leave the Santa hat & antler headbands, glitter hair extensions, ornamental battery-powered necklaces & pins, shoes with bells, holiday sweaters & ties, novelty socks, plaid skirts & jackets at home! Instead, opt to be memorable for all the right reasons! One statement accessory is just the right touch! For women, if you are going to add a little bling, don’t overdo it! For men, a pocket square, cuff links, tie, or a statement watch adds just the right touch of sophistication. Daring to bare too much cleavage or skin---fatal mistake! Leave your micro-mini and plunging necklines at home!  Counterbalance bare legs with a covered-on-top look.  Showing too much cleavage can leave you isolated---while men might enjoy a little cleavage (or a lot), women definitely don’t want to look at other women’s cleavage. True story! Don’t look like Santa’s Helper – pairing a red dress with red shoes, a red bag or other [...]

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Holiday Party Etiquette: Master Your Holiday Influence

Fashion blogs, magazines and reality shows are famous for comparing “who wore it better” after a big event. Pity the one who didn’t “wear it” quite as well as the other! I hope the paparazzi is not following you this holiday season looking for . Even if they are, I can give you the fool proof way to feel like a million bucks at your Holiday event. Do a little research and find out answers in advance! What is the dress for the event? Who will I connect with?  Do I bring a gift? What do I bring? What do I say? When do I introduce myself?  When do I eat? Which way do I pass the food? Where do I sit? What hand do I hold my drink in? Do I shake hands or hug people? Do I network and hand out my business card? How do I keep from feeling awkward? What do I say when I leave? The list is endless! Thanks to Jan Goss-Gibson, America's#1 Confidence Strategist, we have a simple way for you to navigate through the Holidays with grace. You can get your questions answered without feeling embarrassed from the comfort of your own home [...]

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