Fashion blogs, magazines and reality shows are famous for comparing “who wore it better” after a big event. Pity the one who didn’t “wear it” quite as well as the other! I hope the paparazzi is not following you this holiday season looking for . Even if they are, I can give you the fool proof way to feel like a million bucks at your Holiday event.

Do a little research and find out answers in advance!

What is the dress for the event? Who will I connect with?  Do I bring a gift? What do I bring? What do I say? When do I introduce myself?  When do I eat? Which way do I pass the food? Where do I sit? What hand do I hold my drink in? Do I shake hands or hug people? Do I network and hand out my business card? How do I keep from feeling awkward? What do I say when I leave? The list is endless!

Thanks to Jan Goss-Gibson, America’s#1 Confidence Strategist, we have a simple way for you to navigate through the Holidays with grace. You can get your questions answered without feeling embarrassed from the comfort of your own home or office. Jan and I have put together a FREE webinar just for you so you can learn to Master your Holiday influence. If we don’t answer every question, no worries, just shoot an email to and  let me know your question. We will get you the information you need so that you breeze through Holiday events with grace and ease! It is simple. Get your questions answered in advance. Just click below on ‘Our gift to you’ and you will find your answers! Much love to you and may you master your holiday events!

Click the picture for your free gift!

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You’ll learn:

  • Maintaining your professional and personal brand during the holidays
  • Navigating holiday parties with ease
  • Dressing to look and feel your best 
  • Dining with grace
  • Mastering the art and science of gift-giving