Intentional Influence Podcast Season One Highlights

Season One of the Intentional Influence Podcast is a wrap! There have been some powerful interviews in Season One, with insights and personal experiences from some of the leading experts and thought leaders in the business and personal branding industries. If you missed any of the Season One episodes, you can find the highlights and links to complete episodes below. Thank you for tuning in! Here's what happened in Season One: Episode 1: How to Have a Powerful Personal Presence and Charisma on Camera Actress, host, and entrepreneur Sandra Dee Robinson talks with Melissa about how to embrace and project your personal presence to create a lasting impact. Sandra Dee shares her insider tips on managing camera angles, lighting, and sound to maximize your media appearance and really connect with your audience. Episode 2: How to Seduce Your Audience and Keep Them Listening As an on-air disc jockey for 20 years, voiceover artist and author Robin Marshall knows how to talk and get people to listen. In this episode, Robin and Melissa discuss how to cultivate an on-air personality that grabs attention but still sounds relatable and share the biggest mistakes people make on-air. Episode 3: How to Reignite and Reinvent [...]

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Insider Secrets to Getting Camera Ready with Three Top Image and Branding Experts

Season 1, Episode 12; Intentional Influence Podcast: Insider Secrets to Getting Camera Ready with Three Top Image and Branding Experts In this Intentional Influence Podcast episode, guest host Ryan Rhoten talks with Styleology Group Founder Melissa Murray and powerhouse Lead Stylist at QVC Toi Sweeney. Together, they share their favorite tips for helping clients to ignite their personal brands in front of the camera. Toi Sweeney is the Lead Stylist for QVC. With over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, Toi is a leading authority on style. A fashion stylist to celebrity clients, television personalities and program hosts, Toi is an expert at creating one of a kind personal brands and elevating image to art. She is also a recipient of the coveted Telly Award, the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials. Connect with Toi: Twitter, Facebook, Website. Ryan Rhoten is the host of The BRAND New You Podcast. He is also a speaker and online personal brand specialist whose mission is to help career-minded professionals make an impact on their careers by defining and leveraging their personal brand online. In this episode, you’ll [...]

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Confessions of an Image Consultant: Accepting My Body Image

Life changes and so does our body and style as we evolve. Notice I said evolve verses age! There are very few people in this world that stay the same shape and size from their 20’s to 60’s. So, let’s get real! You need to have clothes in your closet that fit TODAY and are age appropriate. Living in the past does not bode well for your mental well being and self body image. Last year I gained some very unwanted pounds. Hello 40! And let’s face it---I am not a workout maven. So imagine my horror of walking into a closet full of fabulous clothes and NOTHING fits!  My pants were too tight and too short all of the sudden (while I would love to say that the cleaners shrunk my clothes, we all know otherwise), my blazers wouldn’t button and my face certainly filled out (funny thing, people kept asking me if I had done fillers – ahhh, one silver lining). Let me hear an AMEN! Getting dressed was just painful. Plus, I refused to go buy a new wardrobe because I had a closet full of things I loved! I did buy a few oversized tops with [...]

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