Season 1 Final

Season One of the Intentional Influence Podcast is a wrap!

There have been some powerful interviews in Season One, with insights and personal experiences from some of the leading experts and thought leaders in the business and personal branding industries. If you missed any of the Season One episodes, you can find the highlights and links to complete episodes below.

Thank you for tuning in!

Here’s what happened in Season One:

Episode 1: How to Have a Powerful Personal Presence and Charisma on Camera

Actress, host, and entrepreneur Sandra Dee Robinson talks with Melissa about how to embrace and project your personal presence to create a lasting impact. Sandra Dee shares her insider tips on managing camera angles, lighting, and sound to maximize your media appearance and really connect with your audience.

Episode 2: How to Seduce Your Audience and Keep Them Listening

As an on-air disc jockey for 20 years, voiceover artist and author Robin Marshall knows how to talk and get people to listen. In this episode, Robin and Melissa discuss how to cultivate an on-air personality that grabs attention but still sounds relatable and share the biggest mistakes people make on-air.

Episode 3: How to Reignite and Reinvent Your Personal Brand

In this episode, nationally-recognized coach, author and speaker Nancy Michaels shares her deeply inspiring story of reinvention and how important it is to continue to follow your purpose, no matter what roadblocks you might face. Nancy and Melissa also provide practical tips for securing the right sponsors and becoming a contributor for high-profile business publications.

Episode 4: Outrageous Success on Camera

THE Small Business Expert Susan Solovic makes frequent appearances on national television and radio programs. In this episode, she shares her best advice on everything from how to secure wardrobe and event sponsorships to looking good on camera when you don’t feel good.

Episode 5: Makeup Tips for How to Look Great on Camera

Ashley Fierro, celebrity makeup artist and Founder of My Girls on Film Studios, tells listeners how to achieve a natural on-screen look by using the proper makeup and techniques and by understanding lighting, angles and brightness. Ashley and Melissa discuss how to prepare in the weeks before your appearance and why men need makeup too.

Episode 6: Communicating Your Brand: 5 Questions for Being on Purpose

In this episode, Melissa interviews communications entrepreneur Shuronda Robinson about the challenges that companies and entrepreneurs often face when it comes to communicating their brands. Shuronda offers five targeted questions to help you gain clarity on your purpose and connect with your audience.

Episode 7: How to Stop Renting the Media and Own It Instead

Melissa sits down with Larry Genkin, one of today’s foremost media visionaries, to talk about what it takes to become a thought leader and how it might be as easy as getting in front of the herd. Larry goes in-depth about content marketing and shares how to do it right.

Episode 8: Confidence is an Inside Job: Learn How to Master Your Brand

Jan Goss-Gibson, CEO of global business training and consulting firm Jan Goss International, is all about integrity in the marketplace. In this episode, Jan and Melissa talk about how to master the art of networking and Jan shares her secrets for making a great first impression.

Episode 9: Master Your Personal Brand Online

In this episode, Melissa talks with “Queen of Facebook” Mari Smith. As one of the most influential new media thought leaders in the world, Mari knows social media marketing. She shares the most common mistakes entrepreneurs and businesses make on Facebook and offers her insights into how to use social media platforms most effectively.

Episode 10: Tips from a PR Pro: High Performance Brand Management

Learn the formula for managing your reputation in this interview with PR veteran and Founder of Sonic Seven Communications, Sheila Stewart. Sheila and Melissa share their tips for maximizing your next media appearance, including how to manage press releases and spin your responses during an interview.

Episode 11: Cracking the Sales Code: Sales Secrets That Make Money Now

Sales swagger doesn’t come naturally, but is a learned skill that you can master. In this episode, sales expert and bestselling author Che Brown talks with Melissa and special co-host Jan Goss-Gibson about the importance of authenticity in business and how basic systems can have a huge impact on your sales.

Episode 12: Insider Secrets to Getting Camera Ready with Three Top Image and Branding Experts

How do you know if you need an image or branding consultant? How can they help you elevate your personal brand? In this episode, Melissa talks with Lead Stylist at QVC Toi Sweeney and personal brand specialist Ryan Rhoten about how they work with clients to hone their personal brands to make a positive impact on their careers.


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