The impression you give means everything, and it’s not just your first. So how do you have the kind of confidence in yourself that is needed to succeed in life? Kristi Holt welcomes Melissa Murray to the podcast! She is an image architect and style expert. Melissa talks about the importance of having a mentor early in life, using a straightforward and no-nonsense approach to every situation and the mentor who helped her to navigate away from mistakes by tapping into their own life experience! Listen here!

The Mega Mentors Podcast: Fast-track your life by learning from mega mentors you may otherwise never have direct access to! These hard-hitting, deeply personal interviews allow you the listener to quickly extract life hacks from great successes and then apply them to your own life! Hosted by Kristi Holt, these mentor sessions cover success, leadership, goal-setting, best practices, personal growth, motivation, marketing, fear, sales and so much more!