Season 2, Episode 2; Intentional Influence Podcast:

Interior Design for Business: Creating Profit Spaces the Get Results 

Nikki Klugh


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In this Intentional Influence podcast, host Melissa Murray talks with Interior Designer Nikki Klugh about how to create your ‘money space’ – an office that reflects your personal brand, your company’s brand and sets the tone for success.

Nikki Klugh is the mother of four boys, the wife of a naval officer and a phenomenal interior designer.  She is the 2014 RADICAL Woman Award Recipient, a 2014​ ​San Diego’s Woman of the Year Nominee​ ​and 2015​ ​Women of Influence Award Nominee.  She is​ ​a speaker, an author that has contributed to three Amazon best selling books​ ​and the owner of NIKKI KLUGH DESIGN GROUP, Inc.

Nikki has been officially designing for 14 years, but truly she has been evaluating, study and dissecting space and design as far back as she can remember.  She has developed her own unique approach to interior design—an approach that is changing the conversation of the interior design industry.  She is widely known for her sacred spaces and her inviting and accepting personality.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What a MONEY SPACE is and how it can set the tone for your business success.
  • Tips for transforming your home office into your personal Profit Zone.
  • Do’s and Don’ts: Creating professional, on-brand video content from your home office.
  • Nikki’s recipe for how she catapulted her business is just a few short years.
  • Why reinvention and personal branding is essential for every entrepreneur.
  • How to use color theory to create an event stage with maximum impact.
  • Nikki’s personal tips for re-focusing before she takes any stage.

  Additional Resources

In this episode we mentioned several resources:

–  YouTube: The American Dream Show featuring Nikki Klugh
–  Connect with Nikki: Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn
–  Contact: book Nikki as a speaker or for Interior Design services 
–  Book: Motherhood, Dreams & Success; You Can Have It All
–  Book: Bold is Beautiful; Breakthrough to Business Strategy
–  Book: GREATful Woman Talks; Giving from Your Overflow Starts With Self Care!

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