Nothing Butt The Naked TruthTime to strip it down and get real! I hear people say frequently, “I’ll do my videos and photo shoot as soon as I lose those last 10 lbs.” Take a cue from industry leaders and media personalities – they hire people to help camouflage those extra unwanted pounds and accentuate your greatest attributes. Remember, you are not butt naked on film, so let go of the head trash and share your talent with the world!

  1. Hire a stylist. Yes, I am the master at making my male and female clients look amazing on and off camera. I have several female clients who are 6 feet tall and others who are a size18-26 — big deal; they are sharing their talent with the world and getting paid the big bucks. Why, because they are not hung up on their weight. They are driven enough to GET IT DONE and move on to bigger and better. I have male clients who are professional athletes (big boys) and others who are media darlings at 5’4”. Point being is that every person has a unique personal brand.
  2. Hire a makeup artist. This is essential! Women – while you may know how to do your makeup for everyday, there are trade secrets for looking your best on camera. Men – I hate to disappoint you, but you need makeup too! It is important to get rid of the shiny forehead, nose and receding hairline.
  3. Hire a professional hair stylist. Get your hair professionally cut and styled (and colored if necessary). Believe it or not, your hair style can actually make your face look fuller or thinner.
  4. Hire a professional videographer / photographer. They know the angles that fit and flatter.

Take charge and own your personal brand—whatever weight you happen to be! Listen, we are all going to age, our weight will be up and down and at some point we’ll have bags under our eyes from burning the midnight oil.

Do what you are good at and let the image and branding professionals ensure you are memorable, look great and appeal to your target audience.

Show your talent and share your expertise without the fear of being judged or being butt naked!

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