Diva GolferI had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker for several Women on Course events over the past few years. As an avid golfer, I thought it would be fun to share some before and after pictures of women who love to play the game and share a few tips on how to unleash your inner golf diva!

Most women want look feminine and feel sexy on the course, and should do so in a way that allows them to be comfortable and on top of their game. Whether you are beginner or seasoned golfer, the tips below can help you transform your golf look and your overall game day experience.

1. First off, know the dress code at the golf course you’ll be playing. You can avoid a lot of trouble ahead of time if you make sure to find out what’s acceptable and what is not. Once you know the dress code, you can then begin to plan your game day attire. And yes, I’ve made the mistake of assuming the dress code only to have to purchase merchandise from the pro shop for a whopping $400. It only takes one time!

2.  Begin with shopping your closet for golf appropriate attire and remember; just because you’re playing golf doesn’t mean you have to shop at a golf store or pro shop.

3. If you are shopping for golf attire, start with the basics – especially on the bottom. Whether you’re wearing Capri’s, shorts, a skort or pants, you can be safe by starting with a solid black, tan, brown or cream color. Then look around for tops with bold colors, prints or thin diagonal stripes or vertical lines. But above all, dress for your body type.

TIP: Most women cannot wear plaid or a geometric patterned bottom, or heavy horizontal lines on the top without adding perceived weight and a boxy frame.

4. Have your clothing fitted by a tailor. Most of us can’t walk into a store and buy something off the rack and have it fit perfectly. You never want to be tugging and pulling while you’re trying to concentrate on your game and a good tailor can help transform non golf pieces into perfect golf-wear. Consider having a tailor build in deeper pockets to shorts, pants or Capri’s that you purchased at a non golf store. Just make sure that the piece you buy meets the needs that you have as a golfer.

6. And finally, before you buy a new piece or leave your home for the links, take a practice swing in front of the mirror and pretend you’re lining up a putt. You want to be very sure that when you’re on the course, you can complete your swing with ease and comfort or pick up a ball without showing off all the goods on the front and backside! Trust me—you will thank me!

Below are some pictures from 2010. While golf styles continue to evolve over the years, it is fun to see the transformation of these wonderful women!

Merri Before Golf Makeover
Merri After Golf MakeoverMerri After Golf Makeover IIWe took Merri from boxy and sporty look to va-va-voom fun, flirty and sophisticated!





Catherine Before Golf Makeover Catherine After Golf MakeoverCatherine After Golf Makeover IITalk about taking 15 lbs off of Catherine just by losing the horizontal stripe and wide-leg pant. These outfit are s not only golf appropriate, it is also sleek, stylish, and feminine and can go from the office to the golf course, then to dinner!






Megan Before Golf Makeover
Megan After Golf MakeoverMegan After Golf Makeover IIWe took Megan, a beginner golfer from drab to fab! Notice how we can now see her petite size 2 frame with having the tailor adjust the length of the Capri and also taking in the inseam.






Patty Before Golf MakeoverPatty After Golf MakeoverPatty After Golf Makeover IIWe took Patty from frumpy to wildly UNFORGETTABLE! We unleashed the golf diva!  Patty looks classy, playful and stylish!