As a featured panelist at the Connected Women of Influence (CWI) CEO / Executive Panel Forum, I was asked to speak and share my views on the topic of Charisma: The “It” Factor, Who Has It, Who Doesn’t and Why You Should Want This in Your Business.

In this post-CEO Panel Forum video, I share some highlights and lowlights of Charisma and Charisma killers. While I am an expert in the art of Personal Brand and Brand Management; we’ve all made mistakes and here I dish on myself—total candor and I hope other women don’t make this mistake. I talk about the impact of your personal brand, reputation and how to gain credibility after a poor first impression.

–          The Definition of Charisma

–          Who Has It and Who Doesn’t

–          How You Dress Impacts Your Personal Brand

–          Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them

–          The Art of Being a Great Listener

–          Creating Your Personal Brand

–          First Impressions

–          Executive Women

Melissa Murray CWI CEO Panelist