Season 1, Episode 8; Intentional Influence Podcast:

Confidence is an Inside Job; Learn How to Master Your Brand


Jan Goss

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In this Intentional Influence Podcast episode, Melissa Murray talks with Jan Goss on how to Learn the Rules to the Game of Life so Small Shifts Become Behaviors.

Jan Goss-Gibson is the CEO of Jan Goss International, a global business training and consulting firm supporting integrity in the marketplace. She is an award winning speaker and author and was recently named America’s #1 Master Confidence Strategist by Allison Maslan International. A sample of her clients include GE, Wells Fargo, the University of Texas at Austin and BusinesSuites.

Jan is the author of Protocol Power – 21 Days to Professional Polish and is a highly recognized leader and expert for numerous publications. She began the Austin School of Protocol, LLC in 2007, launched nationwide as Civility Consulting in 2011 and is now serving companies globally as Jan Goss International. Jan and her clients have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX networks nationwide.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

–  First Impression Management; Learn the Rules to the Game of Life

–  The Secret Language Of Etiquette; Mistakes That Can Cost You a Fortune

–  Small Shifts that Become Behaviors

–  Confidence is an Inside Job; Life is NOT about YOU

–  The Art of Networking Preparation; Success is Scheduled

–  The BOSS Method

–  Practical Skills for Sustainable Success;  How you Treat Others Directly Impacts Your Bottom Line

–  The Sacred Triangle of Business

–  Rituals Prior to Speaking or Being on Camera

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One of the reasons for doing this podcast is educate people and the conversations they provoke. This week, my question to you is this:

What challenges do you have when it comes to Mastering Your Brand, what has or has not worked for you?  You can leave a comment below.

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In this episode we mentioned several resources:

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