Season 1, Episode 4; Intentional Influence Podcast:

Makeup Tips for Looking Great on Camera


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In this Intentional Influence episode, Melissa Murray talks with Ashley Fierro about Makeup Tips for Looking Great on Camera.

Ashley Fierro is a Celebrity Makeup Artist with more than 10 years in the business. She is the Founder of My Girls on Film Studio whose work has been featured on the cover of Martha Stewart and Exquisite Weddings Magazines, in numerous television pilots, various television and film, and works with clients worldwide.

My Girls on Film Studios is Southern California’s Premier Makeup studio for special events, speakers, television, film, photo shoots and weddings. Ashley Fierro and her Team at My Girls on Film Studios are known for their natural style of makeup.  Making every client look like the famous version of themselves.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  •  How to apply makeup properly for camera work and still look natural
  • What type of makeup you should have in your makeup bag for on-air appearances
  • Understanding lighting, angles and brightness
  • What type of makeup you should avoid for camera work
  • The art of contouring properly
  • Makeup for a green screen versus a staged studio set
  • How and when to clean your makeup brushes
  • Why men need makeup
  • The Triangle of Life
  • Preparation for a great on-air appearance

Join the Conversation

One of the reasons for doing this podcast is educate people and the conversations they provoke. This week, my question to you is this:

What challenges do you have when it comes to makeup application and keeping in natural?  Leave a comment below.

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