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Outrageous Success On Camera



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In this Intentional Influence episode, Melissa Murray talks with Susan Solovic about How To Have Outrageous Success On Camera.

Susan Solovic is THE Small Business Expert.  A woman of many talents, Susan Wilson Solovic is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, top 100 and USA Today bestselling author, media personality, sought-after keynote speaker, and attorney.

A media personality, Solovic is a former small business contributor for ABC News and hosted a syndicated radio program, It’s Your Biz.  She appears regularly as a small business expert on Fox Business, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal’s “Lunch Break”, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and many other stations across the country.  She hosted her own PBS special called  Reinvent Yourself Now:  Become Self-Reliant in an Unpredictable World.  In addition to television and radio appearances, Solovic is a featured blogger on numerous sites, including Constant Contact, Entrepreneur, AT&T Business Circle and

Solovic was recently named in the Top 10 of both SAP’s “Top 51 Potential Human Influencers” and she consistently ranks in the top 5 of the “Top 100 Small Business Experts to Follow on Twitter”   She has written four bestselling books which have been translated into multiple languages.

In this episode, you’ll learn to:

–  Why you should never respond to a reporter’s call off-the-cuff

–  How to secure sponsors for your wardrobe, speaking tour, book tour and events

–  Understanding your voice

– Why you should dumb it down and how far to dumb it down

–  What to do when the media calls

–  Your personal brand and image on camera

– How to look good on camera even when you don’t feel good

– Making a noticeable difference in how you are perceived

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One of the reasons for doing this podcast is educate people and the conversations they provoke. This week, my question to you is this:

What is your most Outrageous Success story?  You can leave a comment below.

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