Season 1, Episode 2

How to Seduce your Audience and Keep Them Listening


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In this episode, Robin Marshall and I discuss how to How to Seduce Your Audience and Keep them Listening.

Robin Marshall is a highly regarded independent, national voiceover talent, who before just recently moving to Dallas, was based out of NYC with a long list of clients including Night Skin, P-Diddy, Wal-Mart, Lexus, Best Western Hotels, Outback, Fuji Film, and literally hundreds of others, as well as being as an on-air jock for 20 years including NYC’s FRESH 102.7.and CD101.9 where she was also the radio imaging voice of the station. Robin is now the imaging voice for many radio stations from coast to coast!

She has also been the voice of the nationally syndicated shows like Randy Jackson’s ‘Hit List’ (Westwood One), ‘The Star Report’ (Premiere Radio Networks) Jayne FM, and a campaign for Sean Johns’ ‘Unforgivable Fragrances’.

Robin has written two books in the last 5 years – Her first book called, “Is This Thing ON?” landed on the “best seller’s” list. It is a culmination of stories from jocks around the globe telling of their worst on-air moments! Quite hysterical and offers a common thread between many of us to continue having what’s known in the business as, “disc jockey’s nightmare.” Her second book is called, “The Diary of a Sugar Mom. Don’t Tell the Kids!” This is a seductive and yet introspective type of read that she calls Faction; part fact – part fiction. As steamy and sexual as it is, is as philosophical and deep as it runs.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to talk and have people listen
  • What it takes to sound relatable and reputable on the radio
  • How to use the “theater of the mind” to captivate your audience
  • The biggest mistakes people make on-air
  • What makes a good on-air personality & keynote speaker
  • Why less is more
  • How to be magnetic even when people cannot see you
  • Adjust your relationship with the microphone and connect with your audience
  • Create a lasting impact by sharing your personal journey and WHY this is so incredibly valuable
  • Living with Cancer – Living the life you’ve designed despite the obstacles

Join the Conversation

One of my favorite parts of doing this podcast is participating in the conversations they provoke. This week, my question to you is this:

Question: What tools or resources do you need to talk to your audience and keep them listening? Leave your comment below. 

Additional Resources

In this episode we mentioned several resources:

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Listen to the Episode Below (01:07:32)
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